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Where you can shop beautiful art works and profits go directly to the artists. 


To the online ART HUB celebrating and supporting art while connecting us to the nature and art culture of the West Coast featuring a beautiful collective of talented Artists. 

This platform is dedicated in providing another avenue for Artists to share their work and when sold, the profits go to the Artist directly. Directly supporting the arts and Artists is our goal, as we believe as artists ourselves, we can help them build their brand and talents. 

How it works: What is listed is in the Artist's inventory (we do check regularly with the Artist incase the item has sold). However, when the art piece is sold from this platform, the Artist will package and ship from their studio. 80% of the sale will go to the Artist directly, 20% is covering processing fees. 

Let's support Artists and their talented works!

Please visit us often as we are adding more new works...

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