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My name is Mona Elliott and I started this part time venture to help individuals and small businesses get online during these uncertain times. I own and operate an art gallery business that started as a full e-commerce gallery and when Covid-19 happened, my business survived and even began to thrive because it was already accessible online. However, others were not so lucky which is why I genuinely care in helping and sharing knowledge, bringing your ideas and brand to life while easing you into the online world. 

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Let's just keep it simple...

As a business owner, I know the daunting task of understanding the online world and I had to start from the beginning too. With years of sales, business, and web design, I developed a passion for creative design and enjoy being artistic in my approach. In addition, I continue to keep up-to-date on the importance of connecting success with online presence. I discovered it can be simple...


In this technical time, researching and receiving information can be overwhelming. Which means if information (your branding story) is not communicated well then we loose online visitors. Too much information is too much noise also commonly known as "too much thinking". So let's simplify things for you and your visitors.


 Following covid restrictions, we can safely do face to face meets at my office, or through email, phone and zoom.

I respect the comfort of my clients. 


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