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My name is Mona Elliott and I have had a full time passion for designing for over 5 years and 25 years of combined business and sales experience. My passion for design really developed in business school in 2008. With a natural love and skill for web design, I took courses for fun in college. My professor encouraged me to pursue it as a career, but years went by with web design being something I did for fun. Finally, it came to fruition. As someone who has closely studied web design, marketing, entrepreneurship, and sales, I have gained valuable knowledge and experience that has led to many years of success in various roles such as retail sales, direct sales, store management, territory management, ownership, entrepreneurship, and team building. In my current career, I consider myself an artist that thinks business in the digital world. 


Previously, I was an owner and operator of an art gallery and we celebrated artists and the art culture of the West Coast. It was originally established as a full online e-commerce gallery and evolved into a brick and mortar. Proving the online shopping experience was a success adding to the growth of the business. Since experiencing and understanding how important online presence is to a business, this inspired me to share my knowledge and passion while bringing your ideas and brand to life easing you into the online world. Let's get started!

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Let's just keep it simple...

My formula is simple; Easy to navigate, communicate the brand message well, and visually pleasing.


In this technical time, researching and receiving information can be overwhelming. Which means if information (your branding story) is not communicated well then we loose online visitors. Too much information is too much noise also commonly known as "too much thinking". So let's simplify things for you and your visitors.

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