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It's not about me, it's about your brand, your business, and how it's being received online. Let's

sit down together and plan the best path for you to develop your brand for the online world. With these uncertain times, transitioning to online and keeping a presence can be daunting. My goal is to bridge the gap and create visual designs that communicate your brand story, in turn, increasing your business growth. Because I'm not just a web designer, I'm your visual branding partner.

Mona Elliott Web Design

Let's just keep it simple... 

As a business owner myself of both this business and an E-Commerce business, I know the daunting task of understanding the online world. With years of sales, business, and web design, I have always had a passion for creative design and enjoy being artistic in my approach. In addition, I continue to keep up-to-date on the importance of connecting success with online presence. I discovered it can be simple...


In this technical day and age, researching and receiving information can be overwhelming. Which means if information (your branding story) is not communicated well then we loose online visitors. Too much information is too much noise also commonly known as "too much thinking". So let's simplify things for you and your visitors.


With a visually pleasing design and easy navigation, we can share your visual brand story in a simple, relatable, and enjoyable way to get results. 

Mona Elliott, Visual Creative



West Coast Occupational Health

Health Care

West Coast

Occupational Health

  • Logo design

  • Content building

  • Visual and user-friendly navigation

  • Content creation

  • Licensed images

  • Jane App integration and booking site designed to match

  • Domain and email setup

Divorced In The City

  • Logo design

  • Blog installation

  • Developed tagline and mission statement creations

  • Visual and user-friendly navigation

  • Content creation

  • Outsourced professional photos

Lifestyle Blog

Screen Shot 2021-01-02 at 3.10.03 PM.png

Real Estate

Spartan Media

  • Brand story creation

  • Developed tagline and mission statement

  • Refreshed logo colour

  • Visual and user-friendly navigation

  • Content creation

  • Photos and films by Spartan Media

Leaf Modern Gallery

  • Online store design

  • Brand story creation

  • Developed tagline and mission statement creations

  • Visual and user-friendly navigation

  • Content creation

  • Outsourced professional photos and films



Artist Rande Cook

  • Portfolio design

  • Brand story creation

  • Logo creation

  • Visual and user-friendly navigation

  • Content creation

  • Outsourced professional photos and films



Together we will bring your ideas to life in creating visual stories to grow your brand online.

All services include a free consultation to ensure we are on the right story path. 


Mona Elliott Web Design



  • E-commerce Websites

    • ​Working for you while you sleep and offering your customers a round the clock, convenient service

  • Sales Driven Websites 

    • ​a powerful profit making machine generating leads and new customers

  • Simple Websites

    • ​Simple branding website of your business values to motivate visitors to use your business or services

  • Build and Maintenance

    • ​Just leave it to me to keep your website fresh while ranking and performing well

Designs starting from $799 cad

Let's customize a design package to what you need



  • Logo Creations

    • ​Logos enhancing your brand and useful for all marketing material

  • Business Card Designs 

    • Simple clean, visually pleasing business cards enhancing your brand and generating leads

  • Social Media Material

    • Customized and engaging social media content to communicate ​your event, brand, and idea

  • Branding Consult

    • Let's talk about your online presence ​and your branding story, is it clear enough? 

Branding starting from $249 cad

Let's create branding to suit your business needs



More info coming soon




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